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Desgined to create smarter living spaces.

New Inspinia carefully designed for a smooth user experience to bring you a real home control experience. Inspinia is a combination of industrial standard technology, smart software, electronic engineering with precisely manufactured materials.


  • Combination of Glass and Aliminium
  • HD 10.1“ IPS Widescreen Display
  • Smooth Touch Interface
  • Embedded Web Server and Mobile Application
  • Home Automation Connectivity via KNX and OpenWebNet
  • Intercom Function via VOIP
  • Powerful Hardware and Connectivity
  • Based on Android OS

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Function & Overview


Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply : 12 – 24 VDC
    Display Options : 7″ with capacitive touchscreen
    10″ with capacitive touchscreen
    Interfaces : KNX
    Network : LAN (1x) RJ45 interface (GbE)
    Wi-Fi (1x) 802.4 ????
    USB : 2.0 (1x)
    Operating System : Android 4.2.2 (visualisation integrated)
    Multimedia : Speaker and microphone with AEC included
    Protection Grade : IP XX
    Rel. Humidity : 5% – 80% at 25°C (no condense)
    Temp.Range (Usage) : +0°C – +40°C
  • Standard Technologies : KNX / SCS / Modbus
    RS485 / RS232 / TCP
    Controllable Elements : Illumination
    : Heating / Cooling
    Door and window contacts
    Irrigation / sprinkling
    Alarm systems
    Energy management
    Load control
    Weather stations
    IP cameras
    Burglar protection*
    User Interface : Web/Html5 (All operating systems)
    : App support (iOS / Android)
    Browser Compatibility : Google Chrome
    : Mozilla Firefox
    : Apple Safari
    Compatible Operating Systems : Microsoft Windows
    Apple Mac OSX
    Apple iOS
    Google Android
    Client Amount : Unlimited (no additional license costs)
    Parallel Connections : Up to 20 (can be raised on request)
  • Configuration Possibilities : 1Online
    : Offline through PDK (available for free)
    Configuration Interface : Search function
    Navigation menu with access to all functions
    : Drag & Drop
    Multi-Tab support for configuration of more than one object contemporarily
    Setup and Maintenance : Network
    Date / time
    Backup / restore of the project
    Language support (Italian / English / German)
    Selection of graphical themes and layout adaptions
    Software update via browser
    KNX Visualisation : Project import from ETS through converter tool
    Automatic creation of the functions
    Import rules connected to the KNX group addresses
    ETS gateway functionality also through internet
    Rooms / Pages : Arbitrary amount of pages and rooms
    Layout in grid and background view
    Background pictures freely customizable
    Free positioning of the functions
    Extended Functionality : Extended Functionality
    Complex objects for uniting functions
    Logic functions
    Value comparisons and conditions
    Virtual objects
    : PCustomizable functions thanks to scripting support
    Timer / Scheduling : Arbitrary amount of daily schedulings per object
    Weekly and yearly schedulings
    Configuration interface for final user
    History / Datalog : Automatically for each object of the software
    Periodic graphical representation (hours, days, months, years)
    Value comparison between different periods
    Energy Management : Support for KNX energy counter
    Support for KNX load controller
    Graphical display of consumption
    Visualisation of current load in real-time
    Value comparison and direct load control
    Notifications : OnScreen notifications (3 Level)
    : Mails
    : Interom*
    Intercom/VoIP* : Up to 20 SIP members
    Call groups
    Phone lines*
    Automatical pop-up of incoming calls
    More than one video signal per external unit configurable
    Door opener
    Usable through SIP compatible smartphones
    Connection to Third-Party-Software : URL
    : SOAP
    : M2M
    Customization : Customizable graphical elements
    Different graphics selectable for the functions
    Integrated scripting routines for function extensions
    Users and Security : Arbitrary amount of users
    : Automatic login thanks to trusted IP configuration
    : SSL protected remote access
  • Layout : Different graphical themes
    : Layout adapts to screen resolution
    : Automatic resize for mobile devices
    : Support of touch and multitouch systems
    Performance : Commands are sent in real-time**
    Animations and graphical effects
    Support for HTML5 caching
    Optimized for iOS and Android
    Navigation : Customizable graphical pages
    Navigation through rooms on different levels
    Navigation through functionalities
    Complex functions with pop-up controls
    Navigation menu customizable and always visible
    Single-click access for most important functions
    Customization : Favourites
    : Home
    : Scenarios
    : Time scheduling
    Notifications : OnScreen notifications
    Additional Services : Weather preview
    RSS feeds
    Internet bookmarks
    Family Board

Mobil Application Interface

Device Interfaces